Watercolour Group

Watercolour Group

Pen and Watercolour Sketch  by Errol McLean

2017 sees the continuation of the Watercolour Workshop Group with its objectives of trying out and practising various techniques available for watercolour and mixed media painting. The sessions are held upstairs in the Coach House once a month, on the morning of the second Tuesday of each month.

THEMES:  The sessions are self-help in function but are run along the theme selected through consultation with the group.This year we will be working on each topic for two sessions ( two months) rather than selecting a new topic every month. This will allow participants to develop the theme over a longer time and hopefully result in more finished works and wider experimentation.  Exposure to different techniques and styles will allow participants to develop areas of interest and specialisation and perhaps lead to selection of more formal courses and workshops through the Society and other sources.

Meanwhile, the group welcomes involvement from any watercolourist (and, now, mixed media practitioner) who can bring their own experience to the workshops and add to the discussion and practice enjoyed on the day. We would particularly welcome people who could do a short demonstration of a technique at the start of a session.

Beginners are welcome as well as experienced watercolourists: hopefully the mix of people will benefit all as the more experienced pass on their knowledge while reinforcing their own techniques.

The first workshop for the year will be held on Tuesday 14th February, from 9.30am through to 1.00pm with the theme:



Judy's painting  

Watercolour painting by Judy White




Day & time

Second Tuesday of each month, 9.30am–1.00pm

Start date

February 14th 2017

End date

December 12th 2017


Coach House, 3a Farmer Street, Kiama NSW 2533


Errol McLean (Co-ordinator)


$5 per session


Call Errol on 0411 206 092 or email errol@uow.edu.au