Another good year for Kiama Art Society with 238 members strong. We have a natural attrition of 40 members leaving each year and approximately the same number of new members coming in. Thank you to all who have been a part of the activities.

I would like to acknowledge the sad passing of Della Hodges, a very talented artist who will be sadly missed.

There have been changes this year re the timing of the AGM,  renewal dates for membership and creating a new website to enable our newsletter to be electronically sent to members in the near future. Our sincere thanks to Andrea Hope for managing the website for the last few years.

The committee has willingly given their time to keep this society ticking. I would like to acknowledge and thank all of them. Robyn McMillan has been secretary, Girl Friday, assistant treasurer and caterer for our afternoon teas and a helping hand whenever needed. Thank you to our money man, Ray Teasdale, who keeps our finances on track and in the black.

The Old Fire Station art exhibitions and Art in the Park continue to expose our local artists due to Heather Netherclift’s organisation. Thank you to all who give a helping hand. In recognition of Heather’s role over the last 30 years, she has been awarded Life Membership. Congratulations Heather! So well deserved.

Our editor, Doreen Teasdale, keeps our newsletters on the mark with ample information and updates.

Thanks to Helen Pain, Marguerite Davies and Truda Keene for the demonstrations and workshops. They have done a stirling job researching and organising. Attendances have been excellent.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Nowlan for a very successful Primary School exhibition and to Catherine O’Leary who runs the children’s classes several times a week.

Lesley Hetherington has been our resourceful technical officer and another Girl Friday.

Tony Hull’s Life Drawing Classes are well supported. The Watercolour Group co-ordinated by Errol McLean and classes run by Kathy Karas have been well attended.

Finally a big thank you to all who assisted with the successful Annual Exhibition. Kiama Art Society continues to be an integral part of the culture of the Kiama Community.

JUDY WHITE  – President

TREASURER’S REPORT for the period 1/7/2013 to 31/12/2014

Balance brought forward 30.6.13 – General Account               $7,246.80

Balance brought forward 30.6.13 – Exhibition Account          $8,796.02

Combined Income for the period 1.7.13 to 31.12.14                     $120,305.69

Combined Expenditure for the period 1.7.13 to 31.12.14             $131,370.02

General Account Balance @ 31.12.2014                          $4,978.49                              

 Plus Investment 1                                                                  $10,261.01                              

 Plus Investment 2                                                                     $4,175.30

NETT HOLDINGS AT 31/12/2014                                      $19,414.80




President – Judy White;      Vice-President – Helen Pain;    Secretary – Robyn McMillan;    Treasurer – Ray Teasdale;   Newsletter/Website Editor – Doreen Teasdale;   Demonstrations – Jeni Reid;   Workshops – Helen Pain;    Classes and Technical Officer – Lesley Hetherington ;   Old Fire Station & Art in the Park – Heather Netherclift;    Publicity – Andrea Hope.


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