26th     * *Life Drawing Group  1.30 pm to 4.30 pm    

                 Contact Tony Hull   02 4263 9953

27th      * Acrylics Class  10.00 am to 1.00 pm  

                Contact Kathy Karas  0419 633 562

29/30th Ros Psakis   Workshop – Jamberoo  Fully booked. 

                 Contact Helen Pain 0432 232 054


1st           * Watercolour Class   10.00 am to 1.00 pm

                 Contact Kathy Karas  0419 633 562

1st          * *Children’s Art Class 3.30pm

                   Contact Catherine O’Leary 0432 930 334

2nd          Demonstration – Kathy Karas –  The Magic of Metallics

                  1.00 pm Coach House

3rd        * *Children’s Art Class 3.30 pm

                    Contact Catherine O’Leary 0432 930 334

9th        * * * Watercolour Group  9.30 am to 1.00 pm  

                  Contact Errol McLean 0411 206 092

20th        Acrylic Workshop – Kathy Karas   10.00 am to 3.00 pm

                  Contact Kathy Karas 0419 633 56 2

14th          Art in the Park

                   Contact Heather Netherclift  0438 322 692

23rd     * * * OPEN HOUSE at the COACH HOUSE  from 9.30 am

                  Contact Doreen Teasdale 0414 703 271               


6th            Demonstration – Renee Kamaretsos 1.00pm

11th           Art in the Park

 Contact Heather Netherclift  0438 322 692


9th            Art in the Park

 Contact Heather Netherclift    0438 322 692    

4th             Demonstration – Holly Eva Gay 1.00 pm

8/9th         Workshop – Chan Dissanayake – Watercolour

                    Contact Helen Pain 0432 232 054

The starting date for Term 2 Classes only is given and the *  shows how long they run –

*  for 6 weeks        **  for the term      *** meet monthly



Demonstrations are held at the Coach House in Farmers Street beginning at 1.00 pm. Please be seated early.

Stay and have afternoon tea after the demonstration. All included in the entry price of $10 members and $15 non members. 

TUESDAY 2nd MAY –   KATHY KARAS      The Magic of Metallic Paint.



Kathy has been exploring the use of metallic paint in her recent work and has been using this to good effect on seascape,  landscape, figurative and still life.

In this demonstration Kathy will show how she works combining metallic paint and leaf techniques to make a painting pop in a contemporary acrylic painting. 



Having lived in France and Greece for several years and travelled extensively throughout Europe, Renee acquires inspiration from her ever changing surroundings to create beautiful contemporary art.
Now back home in Australia, Renee has formalised her studies by completing a four year Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts.
Renee has a great energy and enthusiasm for painting in a variety of different genres and mediums. The freedom of watercolour, the unlimited expanse in landscape and the curves of the human figure are all fundamental elements in the creation of her desirable artworks.
Looking to the natural beauty of her surrounding worlds, Renee captures the mood, harmony and rich palette of colours that effortlessly present themselves.

Renee will demonstrate how to paint these texture lillies.

This process involves the use of acrylic paint applied as you would a water colour background then texture paste applied with a palette knife to form the flowers, with highlights added to finish..



  Holly is a modern expressionist painter from Wollongong.

” I paint as if I’m seeing things for the first time. I lose myself in my imagination and escape to a place where I feel free. On goes the paint, rich in colour, twisting and turning in all directions, wiping, pressing, stamping, layering, drawing, writing words and smudging them out.”



20th MAY                  KATHY KARAS


 Cost:  $170 members      $190 non members

Details will be given in next email.





Drawing & Painting the Human Form

Wednesdays 1.30 to 4.30pm at the Scout Hall, Kiama

It is hard to believe but the ‘Human Form Group’ is now in its fourth year of operation and going strong.  The group consists of both men and women and has about 10 to 12 regulars attending each week.  Over the years the format has remained about the same, we have four solid terms (in line with the schools) of about 10 weeks each.  This is an untutored group, essentially for Kiama Art Society members that have experience in drawing and painting.  As organiser/coordinator, I put out a term plan that has a diverse range of ‘warm up’ and short to long poses by experienced life models and the occasional portrait model.  So, for example, one week we may typically have 30 minutes of ‘warm up poses’ and then a series of short to medium length poses of say between 20 to 60 minutes.  Another week the poses may be longer or shorter.  Then 2 or 3 times a term we will have a long pose lasting for the whole 3 hour session.  Having said that, we have a 20 minute tea break during the session.  This sort of format always presents a challenge and  also gives members the opportunity to experiment with differing kinds of drawing and painting and a range of materials and media.  Life and portrait drawing and painting is one of the most demanding forms of observational drawing there is as when you make mistakes in measurement or proportions they are readily apparent.  Therefore, if you want to improve your drawing and painting skills this kind of group is a tremendous focus for that.  I recently watched a documentary on television that mentioned that taking up a skill such as life drawing is a good way of keeping the brain active and in good health.  This is because it is a demanding form of ‘hand, eye and brain coordination’.  With life drawing every time you make a new drawing the perceptual problem is never the same and this is exactly the sort of activity that nourishes the brain.So if you want to have fun and a challenge and improve your brain health give this group a go.  To join or find out more contact Tony Hull on 4263 9953 or email him on

Presently, the fee per member is between $130 to $140 per term.

Tony Hull



KAS will have its first OPEN HOUSE on May 23rd. Members will be able to come along on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 9.30 am, to join with other like-minded people to work on their latest creation and to get to know other members of the art society. The cost will be $5 per member.

As a follow-up from her demonstration, Kerry Suttonberg will take a printing class on this day.

‘On this, your first OPEN HOUSE I‘d be happy to come along to give a lesson in lino block and to teach members how to use the press. The cost of the lesson for the day will be $10. The lesson will only go ahead if enough members are interested .Those of you who would rather come along and work on your current project can do so for their $5. The Lino printing class will pay an additional $10. You can purchase your lino and paper from an art shop or off me on the day. All other materials will be provided. I will need to know numbers of interested members in the printing before the day. If you would like to join me you can contact me on . Bring along an image to work with. In my demonstration I used a black and white image of one of my paintings to work from. You may like to do the same. ‘     Kerry Suttonberg  


Kerry’s lino cut using this previous painting as a guide.

At the April demonstration Kerry explored the possibilities of members extending their scope by trying lino block at home. It’s certainly possible to get good results at home with minimal equipment and space. She advised the group that at home they should try using a good quality but thin Japanese paper .If you would like to incorporate water-colour into your block, thicker paper will improve the results. Thick paper requires a press and K.A.S.has a beautiful press ready to be used.         


Saturday 29 April, 12 to 5pm and Sunday 30 April 10am to 3pm

Calling all artists!

The Project: The 2017 KISS Arts Festival A.I.R. KISS tent will house the Sketch-o-Rama Studio where you can draw your favourite KISS Arts performers who will model, answer your questions, and otherwise engage your graphic imagination. You don’t need to know how to draw–there will be local artists present to coach and encourage you. This is a rare opportunity to try your hand at sketching people, some possibly scantily clad, in a distinctive setting. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own.

The Need: A.I.R. KISS needs some helpers and some materials

We need artist volunteers to draw and to coach the drawing. Different styles and approaches welcome. Bring old drawing to show because that will get people interested. Also think about sharing a drawing tip or doing a little demo every once in a while to keep things moving. Bring pictures of your favourite (clothed) figure drawings to show and tell.

Organiser Paula Gowans would like to know if you are coming, but it isn’t necessary. You can just show up.

Please email or call 0412503881 or PM

See the KISS Arts Website:

Post and keep updated on the KISS Arts Facebook page:



 Catherine Carr’s successful exhibition, TROPICALITY, is still on at the Little Blowhole Art Bar until the 30th April.

‘When one thinks of the word TROPICAL one thinks of the words green, lush, vibrant, fecund, hot and humid, exotic flowers and fruit.

This exhibition explores my notion of tropics through the lens of the colour green with an emphasis on design style of the 50’s, the era of my childhood.


Gitte Backhausen’s  exhibition about seeing things from a new perspective and experiencing the beauty of what we usually consider old, useless or discarded.

This is a very different exhibition to my abstract paintings, and I am very excited to present this new work to you – assemblage, collage & mixed media.

Opening night | Thursday 4th May 2017, 5.30-7pm

Exhibition continues until 28th May

Little Blowhole Art Bar
4 Tingira Crescent Kiama
For opening

Congratulations to LYNNE MULLANE, who is a  finalist in the current Gallipoli Art Prize which is an annual prize held at the Gallipoli Club in Loftus Street Sydney.  This is her second year as a finalist (2016 and 2017).  The exhibition which opened 19th April runs until 28th April excluding ANZAC Day from 10am to 4pm at the Club.




Kathy Karas artist and art teacher


Congratulations to Kathy Karas who is a finalist in the Illawarra Women in Business awards for ‘Best Home Based Business’ and a new award, ‘ Customer Focus’.





$35 single     $50 couple

Mail to PO Box 707, Kiama 2533

Online payments:

Westpac Bank: BSB: 032689; Account number: 540168

Ray Teasdale     Treasurer  email