OFS and AIP Yearly Report – 2015 

Old Fire Station

OFS generally went well in 2015 with plenty of interest from our artists.

I want to thank all those who came to my aid when I couldn’t be there and to all those who give a helping hand when hanging and to those who stay back when we take down the exhibition.

It is a big job hanging everyone’s paintings.  I do my best to hang all paintings to their advantage and to enhance  look of the whole exhibition, which is important. The first thing people notice when entering is the overall impact.

Our next 2 dates that we have been allocated for the next 6 months are:

1st – 7th March     and     24th – 30th May.

Hopefully we have a good year and look forward to seeing you all.

Art in the Park 

We had a slow year due to bad weather. We look forward to some new faces coming down and joining us, the more artists there the more interest it creates for all to sell.

We have started to hang our large sign between 2 trees facing the Leagues Club which shows who we are as well as the A frame in Terralong street.

Happy Painting

Heather Netherclift