Introduction to Australian Impressionism


Have you been to see the Tom Roberts exhibition in Canberra?
Would you like to know more about Roberts and the other Australian Impressionists?

Andrea Hope is offering a three week art appreciation program which explores the Impressionist period of art in Australia from the late 1880s through to 1915 (sometimes known as the ‘Heidelberg School’).
Discussion will include:

~ the context for the move to an Impressionistic style;

~ how Impressionism in Australia was influenced by overseas artists; but also how it differed;

~ the “Heidelberg School”;

~ the 9 x 5 exhibition; and

~ the lives of some of the key artists of the period.

The cost of the program is $95 or $35 per session. The program includes selected reading material, images for review, videos and discussion during the two hour sessions.
No prior knowledge is required, just an interest in learning more about art during this period.
The evening program will be scheduled for March/April, depending on enrolments.

T o register your interest, or for more information, email Andrea on , or phone 0402841638.