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Geraldine is a professional Sydney artist and patron of the arts. She has had no formal training and is a  relative newcomer to the art scene.  Her preferred mediums are gouache, watercolour, acrylics and pencil but she has also produced works in oil and charcoal.  Her works include landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna. These display a great deal of detail and a vibrancy of colour, which highlight Geraldine’s unique style.  Her wildlife art is of particular note and growing in popularity. There has been a great deal of interest in Geraldine’s contemporary works recently.

Much of Geraldine’s work is privately commissioned both nationally and internationally and includes an extensive range of pet portraits, highly acclaimed for their likeness and portrayal of the individual character and personality of each pet.

Geraldine’s demonstration will show how she develops the painting. The subject matter will be Tawney Frogmouths.  The complex untidy feathers give great scope to demonstrate layering of the paint and her brush techniques.

Geraldine says, ‘As there is a lot of fiddling towards the end, the painting will be partly completed so I can show the stages. Following that I will have paints and paper so the attendees are able to play with the gouache.  I find that it is better for hands on.  It is much easier to understand how gouache behaves.’

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PLEASE BE SEATED BY 12.45pm and stay for Afternoon Tea after the demonstration.