The stands are up, strings and lights attached and the room all set ready to go. All we need is………YOU and your entries.

We need you to please come during the allotted times to ensure we do not disrupt the operation of the club.

Those who have kindly offered to help on the registration desks come to the Leagues Club at 9.00am. Please don’t press the buzzer. There will be someone there to let you in.  Be there as close to 9.00am as you can.

Everyone bringing paintings please wait until the club opens at 10.00am. Check you have your details on the back of your paintings……this is vital.

If you are on the hanging team have your paintings registered and be ready to hang by 11.00am.


If you have multiple paintings please check that the correct numbers are placed on them. The number has to correspond with the one on the registration card. 

We have 198 members in our Art Society so it is disappointing we are still short of people to sit at the door during the exhibition. We are very appreciative of those wonderful members who are working tomorrow and those already on the roster. Thank you. 

In anticipation of another wonderful exhibition.