At the end of day 1 of the workshop, the participants were busily putting the finishing touches to their work under the helpful guidance of Hiren. A great day was had by all and they are all looking forward to Sunday where they are aiming to paint two paintings!

Hiren workshop 2   Hiren Patel 2

Hiren Patel workshop 1  Hiren Patel 3

Hiren with three stages of his demonstration. Thanks to Kathy Karas for the 3 photos above. She says;   ‘Looking forward to another lovely day at Hiren’s workshop. What a nice guy and so giving of his time and great instruction.’

Hiren workshop 4    Hiren workshop 6

Hiren Judy    Hiren results 2


Hiren workshop 5   Hiren workshop 3

We look forward to seeing the results of their second day.

Sunday’s Challenge!

Hiren 2nd day

Hiren results 1  Hiren results 3

Hiren results 4   Hiren results 5

Hiren results 7    Hiren results 6

How well they all did. Congratulations.