What a wonderful exhibition. Congratulations to all! Scroll down and enjoy some of the award winners.


1st Prize Overall Robert Robertson Kiama Art Soc 2016

1st Place Overall – Robert Robertson

‘There’s Always a Catch’










2nd Prize Overall Salwa Woodroffe Kiama Art Society 38th Annual Exhibition 2016


2nd Place Overall – Salwa Woodroffe

     ‘Bone Yard Beach, Minnamurra’







3rd Prize Overall Elspeth McCombe Kiama Art Society 38th Annual Exhibition 2016


 3rd Prize Overall –     Elspeth McCombe

Townscape 5′







Robert East Memorial Award Helen Bromwich Kiama Art Society 38th Annual Exhibition 2016




Helen Bromwich      ‘Snow Gum’











 SECTION A:  Traditional Landscape, Seascape or Urbanscape.

1st Prize Land&SeaScape Hiren Patel Kiama 2016 Art Exh

1st Prize – Hiren Patel     ‘Winter Morning’

2nd Place – Colin Harwood     ‘Kiama Coast 2’

KAS  Award – Evelyne Smith    ‘Fitzroy Island’

Highly Commended – Vicky Armstrong    ‘Rocca del Cerruglio – Montecarlo

Commended – David Lake    ‘Out from Bylong’




SECTION B:  Contemporary /Abstract

1st Prize Contemp Abstract Helga Kelly Kiama Art Exh 2016


1st – Prize Helga Kelly    ‘Bush’

2nd Prize – Pam Edwards   ‘Riverbank’

KAS Award – Peter Nolan    ‘Resurrection’

Highly Commended – Doreen Shaw   ‘Sunset on the Ranges’

Commended – Ken Taber    ‘Red Abstract’




   SECTION C: Illawarra  Region  

1st Prize Illawarra Region Sylvia Hawthorne Kiama Art Soc 2016


  1st Prize – Sylvia Hawthorne   ‘Fitzroy Falls’

2nd Prize – Vivian Tanner       ‘Hidden Depths’

KAS Award – Mary-Jane Burke  ‘Mt Keira from Puckey’s Reserve’

Commended – Jeanette Prout     ‘Jervis Bay’






   SECTION D:   Still Life

1st Prize Still Life Joanne Davis Kiama Art Soc 38th Exhibition 2016

1stPrize – Joanne Davis    ‘My Collective No 2’

2nd Prize – Yvonne Langshaw     ‘Pots and Plants”

KAS Award – Helen Bromwich    ‘Orchid Fantasia’

Highly Commended – Dorothy Ward   ‘Home-Grown Lemons’

Commended – Robyn Miller     ‘Lillies and Quinces’



SECTION E:  Portrait / Figurative

1st Prize Figurative Portrait Martin Ison Kiama Art Soc 38th Exhibition 2016


   1st Prize – Martin Ison    ‘Hippoteaneuse

2nd Prize –  Robyn Drake   ‘Cat Nap’

KAS Award – Tony Hull      ‘Megan’

Highly Commended – Colina Grant   ‘Bellingen Market Day’

Commended – Marlene Weaver    ‘Portrait’



SECTION F: Watercolour

1st Prize Watercolours Dorothy Savvas Kiama Art Soc 38th Annual Exhibition 2016


1st Prize – Dorothy Savvas     ‘Sacred Kingfisher’

2nd Prize – Lexi Watt      ‘Gathering for the Nest’

KAS Award – Jutta Chalk   ‘Iris Eyes are Smiling’

Highly Commended – Madeleine Szymanski   ‘Sasanqua Dance’





SECTION G:  Miniatures

1st Prize Miniatures Elspeth McCombe Kiama Art Soc 38th Annual Exhibition 20161st Prize – Elspeth McCombe     ‘Townscape 4’

2nd Prize – Madeleine Szymanski     ‘French Lane’

KAS Award – Jenny Maliphant     ‘Tranquillity’

Highly Commended – Adrienne Conway     ‘My Favourite Beach’

Commended – Doreen Shaw    ‘Morning Chorus ‘





SECTION H:  Children School Years 7-12

1st  Prize – Aimee Jeffries   (untitled)

2nd Prize – Frances Odlum    ‘Spotty with her Mum’

3rd Prize – Simone Odlum   ‘Colour Bomb’

Highly Commended – Rebecca Carroll  ‘Gone Fishin’ ‘

Commended – Emma Singh   ‘By the Sea’

KEN TUCKER AWARD  –  Hannah Carlon   ‘Sails of Sydney’


SECTION J:  Children School Years K-6

1st Prize – Alyssa Jeffries   ‘Field of Flowers”

2nd Prize – Ewan Hatfield  ‘Candy Sunset’

3rd Prize – Mica Heslop  ‘Brando’

Highly Commended – Natasha Ward  ‘Peach Blossom’

Commended – Marli Hall  Marli Landscape’


Alysse Wilson  ‘Coral Playground’

Ellie Berry  ‘Toucan on a Branch’



Most Popular Paintings:

1st Prize – Vivien Tanner   ‘Hidden Depths’

2nd Prize – Eva Illyes   ‘Great Barrier Reef’

Most Popular Artist:

Vivien Tanner  –   ‘Hidden Depths’    ‘Peace’    ‘Dusk’



Lorraine Moon and Ray Teasdale


Photos by Lea Tucker.