I hope all members by now have looked at our new website, clicked on all the titles and links and are now familiar with the setup. Now when we are ready to launch the newsletter for the first time by email, I must admit I’m very excited. To be honest though, during the last few months as I gathered information and then went through the process of learning how to place it all on the web, I did have my moments. A big thanks to all who were so co-operative in sending information and pictures. I must also acknowledge Anthony and Emma Colfelt of Handmade Web Design who understood exactly what we wanted our website to look like and the requirement to generate the newsletter. They were always ready to assist and at first, the emails were flying back and forth. The template they have designed is excellent. ( Especially now I’ve managed to get the information on .)

I will post news up on the web as soon as I receive it so please check the web regularly. Robyn will do the same on Facebook to keep you all well informed.

Please email pictures to me MEDIUM size and as jpgs. 

email  – raymondteasdale@aapt.net.au            DOREEN TEASDALE – Editor