Dear Members,

I usually start writing this message with a sense of excitement about the successes of various KAS programs that I report on, or the plans and events coming soon for KAS members.  This time I can start with positives, but then it turns to bad news.

The good stories first –

The KAS AGM was held on February 11th at the Coach House. The committee for 2020 was elected as follows:

President Helen Pain, Secretary and Vice President Robyn McMillan, Treasurer Ray Teasdale, continuing committee members Doreen Teasdale, Heather Netherclift, Colin Harwood, Karen Wright, and new members Jeni Reid and Carole Massey.  As President, I am delighted to work with such a hard- working and capable group, and it’s lovely to welcome two new committee members.

Next good news:

Demonstrations: Our first demonstration for the year was most successful and well attended. Our member Eva Illyes demonstrated very interesting techniques painting landscapes on yuppo paper. Thanks to Eva for her inspiration.

Classes: Term 1 classes have commenced. It’s a “full house” for Peter Wale – starting with a one day “Introduction to Coloured Pencils” workshop, and then fortnightly classes on “Drawing and Painting from Nature”. All reports thus far are very positive.

The Life Drawing classes with Tony Hull are underway – another full house!

Christine Gordon Smith held her first class on March 4, and guided members through various techniques associated with their choice of medium, style, and subject. A great day!

Workshops: Last Saturday saw 10 members at a “Macro Floral” workshop with artist Tracey Miller. Although the technique was new to most, wonderful pictures resulted, and everyone was thrilled with their artwork and the day.  Thanks Tracey.

And that’s the end of the good news.

As you know the Australian Government has declared the Corona Virus outbreak a pandemic, and this is bringing many changes to the way we live, and the way we relate to our friends and community.  Unfortunately the new protocols about group meetings are now impacting the activities of KAS for the foreseeable future.

After committee discussion, it has been decided that KAS Demonstrations and Workshops usually held at the Coach House will be postponed for the months of April and May, as the suggested “social distancing” at these events would be very difficult, and many of our members fit the at-risk age category.   

 Sadly, the following are now postponed:

Demonstratations: Carole Massey (planned for April 7) and Kathy Karas (May 5)

Workshops: A one-day workshop with Kathy Karas (Pet portraits – April 18), and a two- day mixed media workshop with Vanessa Ashcroft (May 23 and 24.)  

Classes: The last two classes with Christine Gordon Smith ( March 18 and April 15).

Tony Hull’s Life Drawing Class .

Peter Wale: At this stage, Peter is planning to go ahead with the last of his classes for this term on March 25, but is keeping a close eye on advice, and will notify everyone attending should this change.

The Old Fire Station: Similarly, Heather Netherclift is hoping the Old Fire Station can proceed as planned (May 14 to May 20), but again is keeping a close eye on developments.

Our principal concern is that our members stay safe. What happens after May will depend on what eventuates with this health crisis. We will keep you informed, but hope to schedule the missed activities as soon as we can.

We live in interesting times! At the moment the word “interesting” can probably be substituted with “Uncertain!”

Cheers to all members – and stay safe!



Because of our much-needed upgrade of the Coach House facilities and new lighting, as well as an increase in ongoing costs; electricity, insurance, etc , the committee has decided to increase some costs.

Membership Fees will increase to $40, ($60 per family rate) from 1st April, 2020.

However, Membership Fees for 2020/21 will remain at $35 and $50 per family, if paid by 31st MARCH.

Fees can be paid by cheque to :

The Treasurer,  Kiama Art Society,

PO Box 707, Kiama, 2533

OR by direct deposit to:

BSB: 032689; Account No: 540168; A/c Name : Kiama Art Society

[Don’t forget to include your name if possible]

Those renewing by mail will be granted some leeway because of postal uncertainties.

Many Thanks,

Ray Teasdale, Treasurer