We were kept guessing as to Ken’s subject for his mixed media painting, which was fun, as we whispered to each other what we thought it was, as he painted!

Ken’s use of mixed media was so interesting. His basic layer was done with sprayed Liquitex acrylic paint using orange, cadmium yellow and atelier mauve.

The outlines of city skyline, the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, and foreground (from the lower North Shore where the photo was taken) were painted in with atelier purple. Boats and sailing craft were added. Depth, shadows, reflections, and washes were applied to tone things in and soften areas. It was great to watch the confident strokes of a very competent artist.

Finally we moved outside to watch Ken use a pouring medium and Liquitex inks on the foreground, giving a fascinating effect as this mix ran here and there, giving a beautiful rich “live, moving” sort of result. Pure ink and a “stick/twig” added fine touches to the painting.

A stunning, glowing sunrise painting of Sydney Harbour had unfolded.

Our many thanks to Ken for stepping in to replace Christine Hill who was unable to come. We had a treat!

Ken Tucker workshop

– Truda Keane

Ken Tucker is also leading an art tour next year: ‘En Plein Air Painting Norfolk Island’, 30th March – 6th April 2015. Ring Ken on 0403 183 128.