Artist: Chan Dissanayake

Title: Capturing Mood and Atmosphere in Watercolour

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Medium: Watercolour

Cost: $170 members  $190 nonmembers

Contact :  Helen Pain  0432 232 054

Workshop Information

This 2 Day workshop will suit students who have been exposed to the medium of watercolour and want to extend their knowledge to the next level. We will specifically concentrate on how to inject and capture the mood of the subject. The truly magical qualities of watercolour can best be demonstrated in portraying atmospheric effects such as mist, rain and fog. We will paint a variety of subjects, producing two paintings a day from start to finish; each painting will be chosen to demonstrate a certain technique or a key learning point. There will be lots of useful discussions as well as tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls.

We will begin with simple subjects and move progressively to challenging techniques such as wet-into-wet method. Learn how to understand the various stages of wetness of the paper as well as paint consistency in creating these magical effects. Lots of little studies and planning will guide the student as well as build confidence in their own work.

If you enjoy the challenge of producing loose and bold watercolours, then this is for you.

Chan is well known for his generosity in sharing his insights and experiences in watercolour. There will be many demonstrations showing you how to create depth, incorporate figures, and connect shapes, edge control and how to exploit the medium in creating magical effects.  Each student will receive personal attention and encouragement.