These two demonstrations both were about black line drawing but so very different showing two techniques.

gee 1  gee 3  Dianne 1

In February Dianne Gee  inspired us all with her knowledge, skill and passion for drawing and sketching, particularly with pen or brush and ink. Dianne encouraged us to keep a sketch diary, to sketch quickly and freely “for the moment”. She explained that this diary could be a travel journal, a reference of interesting people and places and things you have experienced, and a great way to remember the essence of the subject.

Dianne demonstrated using a range of pens and brushes, mainly with Chinese ink, which can be diluted to give tone (as a wash) or used undiluted to give strong lines. We watched flowers, various birds, chooks, cows, horses and people evolve before our eyes with just a few simple shapes and some shading.

Dianne’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious, so much so that we have asked her to lead us in a 1-day workshop session , where we can try the many techniques and hints that she illustrated so ably in the demonstration session.                                                     Helen Pain



hill 1 hill 2The March demonstration by Christine Hill showed the very different techniques needed to accurately paint street scenes and buildings with perspective. Christine used a set square to ensure her lines were straight and details accurate. She took infinite care to get all her lines accurate before she painted over them with black pen. For the non-architectural elements she used a fine brush. She then painted the shapes between the outlines with various strengths of coloured inks.

Two very interesting demonstrations.

hill 4   hill 5 hill 3


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